Restaurant Review : Roat Osha

It’s amazing really, the history one can have with a restaurant. With food. As I write this post I can’t help but giggle at the long path that brought me to one of my most favorite traditions.

Minnesota. Who knew when I moved here almost 9 years ago I would later fall so deeply in love with this place, its people, and most importantly its food. Truth, for me it’s not the “foodie” spots that really get me going. It’s actually the random spots that I frequent more often than I care to admit that I just can’t live without. Don’t get me wrong I love the fact that we are lucky enough to have places like this to wine and dine but for every one Travail there are 10 lesser known gems that knock my socks off. Roat Osha is one.

But before I jump right in to all things incredible about Roat Osha I gotta take a minute to reminisce about everything that brought me to it. I’ve always been a lover of food. ALWAYS. And more often than not my love for food has always led me towards ethnic foods. It may be the vegetarian in me or just my adventurous spirit but my most favorite foods go in this order; Mexican, Thai, Italian, Ethiopian. When I think of great food it’s never an american classic that pops into my head.

When I moved to Minnesota (and really when I move anywhere) the first thing I did was start to seek out places to eat my favorite foods. It’s always a slow start and as far as Thai and Mexican food was concerned I was struggling to find a good spot. In comes Tum Rup Thai the sister (or perhaps mother) restaurant of Roat Osha. Cue sounds from the heavens. Thank GOD I lived at least 25 minutes from the joint or I would have been in BIG trouble. Fast forward a year or two and I meet my friend Will. Will always ordered what I thought was the most random thing. Mee Kah Teeh. Well homeboy is a dang genius. I blame him for my obsession. I actually still think about him almost every time I order. Truth.

Fast forward another year or two and my friends Jon and Henriet introduce me to Roat Osha. Of course I was skeptical. How could it top Tum Rup Thai? Then I am put at ease as I learn they are actually related to one another. And word on the street is Roat Osha just so happens to make their curries a wee bit spicier which makes them a wee bit yummier to me. I scour the menu and BOOM-Mee Kah Teeh! Even more delicious than the original! Is it possible?

And now I’m obsessed yet again and live dangerously close. Close enough that it has become a sunday tradition (once or twice a month) for us to order take out, grab a Sapporo and relish in the deliciousness. We started this when our Emily still lived with us but now that she has left us we must carry on in her honor!

Craving Thai? Roat Osha is your spot. Our favorites are of course the infamous mee kah teeh with mock duck and we also love the  sriracha fried rice with mock duck or tofu.

They also have a sweet happy hour-I think from 4-6 p.m. (don’t quote me on the time) their fancy drinks are $5 (compared to $10 or $11), they have $3 glasses of wine and draft beers.


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