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I moved to New York almost 4 years ago, wow time really flies by.  When I first came here I had a lot of uncertainty that I would stay long term.  I signed a short-term lease and the job I was working was not ideal, working long hours for little pay.  On top of that my relationship ended pretty abruptly after three weeks living in New York.   I decided I am not a quitter and New York has a lot to offer, So I decided to give it at least the six months of my lease before making my decision to stay or move back to Massachusetts.

Fast forward six months, I started a new job working with one of my dear friends I met prior to moving to New York and I also met an amazing guy who I had been dating several months and things and my future in New York were looking brighter.

Fast forward again, I am with the same amazing guy 3 ½ years later and we have an adorable fur Son named Oreo, our pride and Joy.  My partner and I spend two years living together in the city before venturing a short train ride outside the city and settled into a new place together to call our home.  It has been an amazing 3 ½ year journey so far.  We have traveled around the world together.

My partner has shown me some amazing tropical places and we have made some amazing memories.  We plan to continue to travel together and discover and share the world together.  We have an upcoming trip to Paris, a dream come true and a surprise tropical trip for my partner for his birthday towards the end of the year.   Shhhh, don’t tell him, it’s a surprise.

Together we have shared so much fun abroad and also in our own state of New York.  Whether it’s going for walks through Central Park, exploring different towns in the different boroughs, taking in a Broadway show, happy hour drinks with the boys, and trying and discovering new amazing foods the city has to offer.  Every day is an adventure and a new discovery with my amazing partner.  He has taught and show me so much.

Part of our incredible story together is the culinary journey we have gone on together.  My partner really opened me up to try new foods and it has been pretty fun, exciting, and tasty.  It is so much fun when you find a great little restaurant in your neighborhood or near your work or finding your next sweet tooth obsession.

Since I have had almost 4 years exploring and trying new restaurants and food, I have a lot to compare.  I have a lot of favorite dishes at certain restaurants, but hands down my favorite restaurant in New York by far is Polpettina’s Restaurant.  It has two locations in Larchmont and Eastchester.  Both locations are about a ½ hour train ride from Grand Central.  This is definitely a hidden gem.  If you are ever in New York for a couple days, plan a trip to one of there locations, you will be glad you did.

We discovered Polpettinas over two years ago when my partner and I were on a hunt for a new place together.  When I say we searched a lot of different locations, we searched a lot of different locations.  After doing some research and my partner found a realtor, we decided to venture out to Westchester.  Together we discovered Larchmont.

A charming little town.  We saw some beautiful homes and fell in love with the town.  We spend all day looking at some adorable homes, but before leaving the town we asked our realtor for suggestions on where to go to lunch.  The town had a lot of cute little restaurants.  The realtor asked her daughter for some suggestions and we ended up at Polpettinas.

Since discovering this gem, we have been back about a dozen times, bringing our friends and family (anyone we can convince to make the journey), to venture out to Polpettinas with us.  Everyone we have brought with us has fallen in love with it as much as we have.  Even some of the people we have brought there, go themselves even without us.  And yes, we get jealous every time, it is that good.

My partner and I decided to take a trip up to Polpettinas on Memorial Weekend with his sister and her husband.  On the way, we made a reservation because despite the rainy weather, this is one of the most popular restaurants in the Westchester area and it gets pretty packed.  We arrived earlier than our reservation, but since we got there shortly after they opened they seated us right away.

The service has been impeccable every time we have come to Polpettinas and this time didn’t disappoint.   After being seated our server gave us water and our menus and let us know the specials.  It didn’t take her long to take our drink orders and had them returned to our table with promptness.  I recommend coming to Polpettinas with a few friends or family members when you venture out because there are so many great things to discover on the menu and with more in your party, the more you can try.

For starters, it’s a no-brainer.  We have tried other things, like there amazing meatball appetizers and there creative French fry options, but our go-to is there eggplant chips and fried calamari.  Their Eggplant Chips are thinly sliced eggplant deep fried to perfection, sprinkled with salt, and drizzled with honey.  This is the perfect starter to eating at Polpettinas.  They really nail this app.  It has a perfect crunch and seasoned exquisitely and the honey drizzle and WOW-inducing.   This is probably the most popular item on the menu.

Next, we always get the fried Calamari.  Since we went on a Sunday and it was brunch, they don’t the Calamari on the menu.  The last few times we went we couldn’t get it.  We asked our server and she went into the kitchen and returned shortly and made our day, by letting us know the kitchen would accommodate and make us Calamari.  The Calamari, the only complaint I have this time around, is the portion size seems to have shrunk since the last time we got it, very disappointing considering how incredible it is.

The taste and flavor were still there even though less of it.  It’s texture and crunch were perfect.  The Fried Calamari dish is a mix of different squid pieces and cherry peppers fried to perfection with the most incredible dipping sauce.  The sauce definitely makes this dish.  Out of all the fried Calamari I have had (which has been a lot), this place is definitely #1 on my list.  The sauce is so delicious we always ask for extra with our order.  My partner loves it so much, he even polished off the left-over sauce when the calamari was gone.

New York is known for their Pizza.  I have discovered and tried a lot of amazing pizza in New York.  But for a destination Pizza joint, Polpettina’s Coal oven pizza is worth the travel and worth the wait.  With the four of us, we went with two pies.  My partner and I went with the Black Mission Fig, one of their signature pies.  We have tried most of their pizzas and this one is definitely hands down our favorite.

The Black Mission Fig Pizza consists of Pancetta, goat cheese, arugula pesto, truffle honey, and of course mission figs.  I was never a crust person, but it is so delicious with the perfect crispness and chew, I ate all my crust and even ate some of my partner’s crust too.  The Mission Fig Pizza is a flavor explosion in your mouth.  All the flavors work magic together.  We have come across some interesting combination of flavors in Pizzas but this one definitely takes the top prize.

My partner’s sister and her husband went with the Black Truffle Pizza.  This pizza consisted of Taleggio, Bechamel, and mushrooms.  I am not a huge mushroom fan, but again Polpettina works magic yet again with this pie.  The perfect mix of flavors and the mushrooms were cooked to perfection.  I actually even liked the mushrooms!

Our server was prompt and consistent throughout our meal and made sure we always had water and our drinks were filled and she made sure all our needs were met.  We were all definitely full and satisfied after this meal.  We didn’t have room for dessert, but Polpettina has a great menu that is worth every calorie.  They have Zeppolis, Afogato, Gelato, Chocolate Cake, and a candy bar Budino (peanut butter pudding with peanut caramel, and a milk chocolate Ganache).  Can you say YUM!

On this trip we didn’t drink, we stuck to diet soda.  But their signature drinks are another stand out at this eatery.  I recommend trying either the Beauty School Dropout (Rose, Peach, Elderflower, Juniper, and basil) or the Dark and Stormy (Dark Rum, Spiced Rum, Roasted Pineapple Syrup, and Ginger Beer).  Their drinks are creative, fun, and delicious to enjoy with friends!  I highly recommend trying at least one of their signature cocktails when you venture out to Larchmont!  Notice I said when and not IF.  Reason being it is a must!!!



I added this quote from the Polpettina website because it sums up their restaurant and all my experiences I have had there because it is so much more.  Even if you’re not a local to Larchmont or Westchester when you dine at Polpettinas they make you feel like you are part of the neighborhood.  You feel comfortable and at home when you are there.  You feel like you are amongst friends and family.  It’s a Home away from home.  It’s also More than just the Pizza, Pasta, & meatballs.  It’s all the amazing foods and the creativity they put into it.  It’s the experience, traveling out of the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoying time with family and friends with great food and great drinks!

“Polpettina’s cuisine is all about refining your favorite comfort foods with high-quality ingredients. Each dish is prepared simply to show their love of food.  They set out to create a comfortable, casual atmosphere where service matters”

If there is one thing to take away from this article, it’s the amazingness of Polpettina and it should be on everyone’s Restaurant Bucket List!


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