Restaurant Review – Kitchen 64

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When you think of the North end of the Boulevard, up by the Diamond and under I-64, you’re not going to be inclined to think “let’s go grab a great meal!”  And you wouldn’t think that you’d find it in such an unassuming building. But think again.

Kitchen 64 opened in 2007 as Johnny and Katrina Giavos added to their collection of Richmond restaurants that already included Kuba Kuba, Three Monkeys and Sidewalk Café.

My family and I went there for Father’s Day brunch.  While the parking lot is small fortunately for us, although perhaps not as fortunate for her, my wife had a broken ankle and her temporary disabled driver tag parked us right by the door.

Near the Diamond one would be inclined to think more sports oriented bar type fare.  But Kitchen 64 has a wide menu of great selections.

Inside the building you’ll find blond maple booths, a pressed tin ceiling and great artwork on the walls.  Adding a touch of diner flare is the revolving dessert case and the stainless-steel window providing a view into the kitchen.

We got there just before noon and were ready for a good meal.  Fortunately we were seated right away.  Service was great, but it was a tip on Foursquare that cued me into the free basked for blueberry and banana nut muffins.  And they were worth it.

In the mood for brunch I ordered the steak and eggs.  I got a plate full of scrambled eggs, hash browns a biscuit and a good size steak.  While the cut of meat wasn’t what you’d expect to find in a place that specializes in steak, they don’t make that claim at Kitchen 64.  But it had a good flavor and was cooked the way I liked it.

My wife went for the Shrimp and Grits which came with jalapeno corn bread, sautéed onions and mushrooms.  She enjoyed her choice but wasn’t quite able to finish the huge bowl of grits.

As for the 12-year-old?  What can I say? He’s generally an adventurous eater but this time went for a pizza with bacon, chorizo sausage and pepperoni.  He was pleased and had enough to take home.  He also eyed the Boulevard Minis, which are three mini burgers served over homemade sweet potato fries.  In the end he was happy with his choice.

We also could have chosen from six different types of Eggs Benedict, ranging from the traditional to crab cake to fried green tomato.  Working our way through the menu may take some time.

Our food was good and the portions were good sized.  On most occasions we would have turned down the offer of dessert.  But we’d been staring at the revolving dessert case, and it was Father’s Day.  Let’s face it.  Where else are you going to be offered coconut cake?  Yes, I happily finished it all.  On the other hand my wife couldn’t finish the huge piece of chocolate mocha cake.  And while he couldn’t finish off the pizza, the 12-year-old had no problem putting away his whole piece of chocolate peanut butter Reese’s pie.

And the prices were reasonable.  The three of us had our entrees and dessert for about $60.  We’d generally spend that much or more at your average chain restaurant.

We enjoyed eating in the dining room and telling our son about the construction with the pressed tin ceiling.  The enclosed patio offers additional seating.

There was a good crowd. Maybe because it was Father’s Day.  Maybe because it’s just a popular place on Sundays. When we left there was a line of people waiting to be seated.

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Kitchen 64

3336 North Boulevard

Richmond, Virginia 23230


Monday through Thursday, 11-12

Friday 11-1

Saturday 9:30 -1

Sunday 9:30 – 12

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