Restaurant Review : A.T. The Black & White

Last month on the way back from our annual trip up north to Park Rapids with all of our college friends, we were in need of a food pit-stop.
The little people were restless and hungry, and after eating cabin food for several days we were not in the mood for the usual Culver’s or Subway stop.
I was driving so The Hubs did a little research and read several positive reviews for A.T. the Black and White in Little Falls.
Have you been to Little Falls?  It is adorable and as we pulled up we knew we had stumbled upon a winner.

It is located in the cute little downtown and advertises the culinary training of the owners.  Yay foodies!
On a late Sunday morning, it was clear there were a lot of locals streaming in.  The restaurant has only had a few owners over it’s 80+ year history and is now owned by a young couple who both went to Le Cordon Bleu here in the cities.
Also because it was a Sunday they had a rocking omelet-made-to-order brunch buffet.
But we went for some items on the menu.

I had the crab omelet.  The description left me with high expectations but it didn’t quite compare.  It was ok but not awesome.  Just didn’t have a ton of flavor.

The Hubs had the walleye sandwich.  It was very good and had an awesome cranberry aioli. Yummy!

The little guy had chicken fingers and french fries.  And let me tell you – these were the best chicken fingers any of us have ever had!
So much so that we ate them before getting a pic.
The owner/waiter told us they only recently started making their own.  The batter was crispy and it had awesome seasoning.  Seriously we all mmm’d over these.
The other show stopper was the sweet potato fries.  Now I love me some sweet potato fries.  Who doesn’t right?  And I am pretty partial to the ones at The Highland Grill but these knocked those way off the top of the list.  They were crinkle cut and maybe double fried?  Because they were super crunchy!  And they had an awesome, homemade, sweet-n-spicy ketchup.
They were ah-mazing!

The little girl, sampled a bit of everything we had and downed it all which means she too loved the place.

Dear Little Falls, you have quite a gem there.  We will definitely be back.

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