Juliette Et Chocolat – Restaurant Review

I just had to include what Juliette had to say about herself and her business (as per the website of her establisment) as the intro to this post. It kind of reminds of the film: Chocolat (2000). Perhaps it’s the scene where a woman tasted hot chocolate and was brought back to her childhood…by taste alone. This reminds me of Juliette and her search for hot chocolate similar to the one her grandmother used to make. My odd musings aside, chocolate is a decadent pleasure that I think is wonderful to indulge in every now and then…okay let’s be real, as often as you please. Urgh, it’s a guilty pleasure of mine, that’s for sure. Due to my fitness goals I actually don’t allow myself to drown in a life size goblet of chocolate ganache. HOWEVER, when I do get a fix, I make sure it’s a good one. A little while back I had the chance to indulge in quite a few chocolate based desserts with my sisters and a family friend (huge shout out to Roshan<3) and would love to take today to share them and my thoughts about the plates with you all. If you’re ever in the city of Montréal, I would definitely recommend checking this spot out.

Chocolate Fondue Duo
For the indecisive, you choose two of these chocolates for your fondue: dark extra-bitter, dark semi-sweet, milk, and white.

The two chocolates we chose for our fondues were milk and white chocolate. Before I even get into the chocolate fondues themselves, let’s just talk about the fruits. They were incredibly fresh and arranged so neatly. I also would have never thought to pair some of these fruits with chocolate. It was such a new experience and I’m very glad I did get to try all these combinations. The chocolate itself was smooth, rich and packed with flavour; perfect, really. This dish really opened my eyes to the versatility of chocolate. I mean, I always thought I knew how versatile chocolate was…but this was new for me. My fave combos would actually have to be banana and white chocolate, kiwi and white chocolate and oranges and milk chocolate…and everything, but those three combos hit home-runs on my palate almost immediately.

Strawberry, Banana & White Chocolate Crepe

To the every day eye, this may seem like just a crepe. But let me just tell you, this is anything but just a crepe. Master crepe maker indeed. The texture of the crepe was incredible, fluffy and perfectly thin all the while holding a bit of elasticity (to carry all the toppings). I never knew such a thing was possible with a crepe. Most crepes I’ve tried are almost rubbery. This was dope. The flavour profile of this entire dessert as a result of the white chocolate combined with banana (which as stated earlier is one of my new fave combos) and the tangy sweetness of the fresh strawberries was divine.

Gianduja Lime Mousse Cake
A rich and smooth Gianduja praline chocolate mousse with a  tangy lime heart.

Gianduja is a type of chocolate that originated in Turin that is made from chocolate, and a nut paste (more often than not, hazelnut paste). This dessert incorporated pralines into the gianduja based chocolate mousse topped above a dark chocolate base. The chocolate was so rich and decadent that the kick of lime at it’s center was a good way to break how heavy it was on my palate…in an amazing way. Juxtaposition is one of my favourite words, I love it even more when it accurately describes a situation of sorts. This was the perfect juxtaposition of flavours. However, I should point out that this dessert really is an acquired taste and to those that have distinct palates. That is to say, the bold clash of flavours is not for everybody. But, to those of you who are willing to experience something new, I would most definitely recommend it.

The Ivory
White chocolate & coconut brownie

Now, just for the record…I’ve always felt like the white chocolate brownie at Moxies was overrated. But this white chocolate brownie puts that one to SHAME. No joke. It will change your life. No joke. YOU NEED TO TRY THIS. NO FRIGGING JOKE. Can you tell I thoroughly enjoyed this? It was dense enough for it to be moist and full of flavour, but light enough to have a smooth and airy texture. Highly recommend.

Fleur De Sel Caramel Petit Pot
Layers of dark chocolate mousse, cocoa ganache & fleur de sel caramel, and dark and white chocolate brownie bites

We obvi ended off our visit to Juliette et Chocolate with a BIG BANG! Let me just say, this is not for the faint of heart. It was so sweet and decadent that I was just about squirming in my seat. Would I have this again? Hells to da yeah, homie. It was amazing. The dark chocolate mousse was so airy and smooth, the ganache was rich, the salted caramel was…well..perfectly salted, and the brownie bites were to die for! This should be renamed to “The Breakup Fleur De Sel Caramel Petit Pot”. Lawls! I want this, again & again.

Overall Ratings

Food: 9.8/10
If you are half the sweet tooth that I am, you would ADORE this joint. This place is for anyone that is passionate about desserts that hit high on the glycemic index (LAWL). Not but seriously, jokes aside…this place offers incredible flavours.

Drinks: n/a
No comment, who’s really trying to drink anything other than water after all that chocolate? I would love to go back to try some of their drinks though. & maybe that is exactly what I’ll do;)

Service: 2.5/10 & 8/10
I went to two locations. In the first one (located in what is called ‘South Shore’) the service was actually below average. This was disappointing because with better service, this establishment would give other dessert establishments a run for their money. The staff wasn’t too friendly. They also did not speak to me in English. It occurred to me that their English may be like my French (good but not good enough)… but they weren’t having any of it. I definitely would not visit this location again.

The second location I went to was in the downtown area and was incredible. Though not many of them spoke in English here, they were extremely pleasant and open to trying to communicate with me and my slowly improving French. I learned so much about the establishment, the quality of ingredients and the overall values that they as an establishment were trying to put forth. What I’m trying to say is, the employees of this location deserve a raise. Haha. Seriously though, they were so incredibly kind. I would visit this location again, and again…for forever

Ambience: 9/10
Both the locations I visited were decorated so beautifully. They looked like such cute little dessert shops, which is exactly what they are. They were very clean (this includes their restrooms, YASSS!). If we are speaking of decor,  cleanliness and “looks” alone, both locations were awesome. However, I preferred the overall atmosphere of the second location, perhaps because I felt more welcome.

Overall, I had a pretty positive experience with this restaurant and their menu. For the whole experience, I’d recommend you visiting their downtown location. Bon appétit!


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