Dickey’s offers up a Big Yellow Cup of Good Eatin’

The first thing my family said when we pulled into the Stratford Hills Shopping Center on Forest Hill was “What happened to Moe’s?” There in the place of Moe’s Southwest Grill where the signature greeting is “Welcome to Moe’s” was Dickey’s Barbecue Pit.

The eleven-year-old who is fine tuned to remember these details said, “Oh yeah, Mom and I ate at the one in Lynchburg.” So, we gave it a try and found out that this Dickey’s location, the first in the Richmond area, had been opened precisely two and a half days.

Dickey’s Barbeque Pit is a chain based in Texas where they opened their first restaurant in 1941. Dickey’s says “The original location is still open for business and Dickey’s Barbecue is still owned and operated by the Dickey Family.”

Inside the atmosphere was casual and friendly, and to be honest, arranged a lot like the former Moe’s. But the décor was what you’d expect from a good Texas barbecue restaurant that’s reasonably priced. And that’s what Dickey’s is.

Once inside you choose your meat entre from a selection of pulled pork, beef brisket which is sliced or chopped, marinated chicken, ribs and even Polish sausage. And you get to choose the size of your portion from the quarter plate, the full meat plate, two meats or ribs. All plates come with the choice of two sides, pickles, onions, a roll and barbecue sauce.

Complement your choice with a variety of sides ranging from waffle fries, to fried okra or a baked potato casserole. You won’t be disappointed.

Having married into a North Carolina family, I understand the distinctions of barbecue style so I can tell you that you won’t be disappointed at Dickey’s. If you’re more inclined to prefer your barbecue on a sandwich with slaw, you can do that as well.

More of casual, family style place to eat; Dickey’s offers plenty of beverage choices. But if you’re looking for a brew to help wash down that pulled pork, you won’t find it at Dickey’s.

But you can become a member of the Big Yellow Cup Club and purchase your large drink in a refillable, reusable and totally recyclable plastic cup. The Big Yellow Cups are made out of #5 recyclable plastic, so even if you don’t decide to keep yours, it can be recycled for another day.

We’re not exactly sure though what the benefits are for joining the Big Yellow Cup Club. The signup page at the website isn’t quite clear on that. You get benefits and deals. We just can’t yet tell what they are.

For the sweet tooth, finish your meal off with a piece of pecan pie, or one of Dickey’s other dessert selections that vary by location. If that doesn’t appeal to you or if you just don’t want to spend the extra bucks, every Dickey’s location offers free soft serve ice cream to all their guests. What better way to top off a nice meal of barbecue and sides than with a totally free refreshing vanilla cone?

While we’re not excited about having to drive across town now if we want to be welcomed to Moe’s, Dickey’s is a great addition to the neighborhood.

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